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Volume Shifts, Gainers and Slackers, #Bitcoin #Ether



How’s the weekend going?  Is everyone gearing up for a series of trades on Monday?  Here are the top volume movers for January 23 if you are in the Western Hemisphere, and as you can see Ether made a run, while Dash pulled back.  In fact, this is a sign that Ether may be acting Bullish, especially with over $4 Million USD being traded on the coin:

Screen shot 2016-01-23 at 10.45.48 AM


After yesterday’s Bull Run on Stability Shares, and VPN Coin, they pared back slightly while Litecoin experienced small gains and ETHER made its debut as the second place volume mover second to BTC.


Ybcoin continues to be bullish, and these top volume movers are good signals for coins that may be sticking around for the long-term.

In other news, STATS Microstocks traded on the exchange will be paying a dividend later today.  The STATS microstocks is the publicly traded stock tied to this site, and includes 3 bitcoin mines, and an Ether mining stake, so if you are interested in getting news, mined coins, and dividends, then consider investing.  Alcurex has been known to be a safe and reliable platform, and has dedicated service agents.

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