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#maidsafecoin – What is a Free Internet? (#MAID)

Ether continues to rally ($1.37), but the big surprise today is coming from a lesser known altcoin, called MaidSafeCoin (MAID) — MAID operates similar to many other virtual currencies on the market, and turns out there is this nifty little video to give you all the information you need!  It is currently trading around 5000 Satoshi, or .00005000 BTC.



MAID is traded on Poloniex for the most part, although there are likely options to buy it directly, and recently had a 20% gain overnight, with around $137,000 USD on a supply of approx. 453 Million.

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If you watched the video then you will now know that one of the main principles behind the coin is to provide encryption techniques to secure data.   To learn more, simply head over to or visit and get in on the coin trading today.

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