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Bitcoin Babes Pushing The Coin

When it comes to the real deal, the Bitcoin Babes are the reals cogs and gears turning the nerds on to get their filthy hands on those bitcoins, but even with all these bodacious babes preaching about the benefits of Coin, the real sell is these somewhat geeky, sexy babes talking about the cryptic bitcoin ecosystem. Take a look at some of these videos. How do these women change your point of view about Bitcoin? Can you see some of the advantages and disadvantages? How might these women be biased?

HOW about this bikini-clad vixen? You think she prefers Bitcoin or Litecoin?

Bring Sexy Back With Bitcoin Is Easier Than It Looks

How many stars of 5? Any favorite babes?

How about this Red Shoed Hellish Heel Wagger?

What is it about Bitcoin that draws these women?

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